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I am now embracing the sides of the job that scared me before

“In just 4 sessions Isabel helped me refocus on my purpose and what I am trying to achieve every day as a coach. Her gentle yet very direct style empowered me to cut through the noise, the doubts, the anxiety. I am now embracing the sides of the job that scared me before, and I am able to keep moving forward in a direction that feels right for me. As a result, I can better serve my clients to do the same. Thanks again Isabel”
Tanzania, Africa

Lorraine Wilkes (CPCC, ACC)

I’m now braver, more confident and creative in my coaching

“My supervision sessions with Isabel were a safe place for me to explore my challenges as a coach. Isabel guided me with curiosity, warmth and empathy and no judgment of my choices. She navigated me skilfully through the stormy ocean of my thoughts and feelings and helped me reaffirm my self-image as a professional coach. As a result, I am braver, more confident and creative in handling the most difficult clients’ cases.”
Sofia, Bulgaria

Gergana Dzhenkova (Experienced Leadership and Team Coach, CPCC, ORSCC)

I was able to widen my periphery and add new perspectives

‘I used the coaching supervision to reflect on my coaching and areas of improvement, to tighten up my certainties, adding more definition to who I am, what I want and where I am going. It brought more clarity to what I am doing, experiencing and putting out into the world. 

Isabel is gentle and invites introspection… with me it felt seamless as the questions she asked nudged me into this area, inviting conscious reflections.  I felt safe being vulnerable and was always viewed as being a whole person, complete and honoured for who I am.  She is obviously a leader and has a great ability to connect and be in service of her clients.’
Hong Kong

David Bingley (CPCC, ACC)

Supervision gave me a deeper sense of purpose

“I had the real pleasure of having Isabel as my Supervisor recently and immediately felt her warmth and presence.
Isabel was able to support me in going a little deeper in the sessions, this approach helped enormously with my ability to find more clarity and understanding. I felt really listened to and always came away with a deeper sense of purpose.
It is wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss my coaching practising and what direction I want to take it. I felt empowered to do the actions required following the sessions. I also enjoyed the organic way Isabel worked which allowed me to bring anything to the session. I am deeply appreciative of the time we shared.”
Sandra Crathern (Health and Life Coach)
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