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Hi, I’m Isabel van der Ven …… a catalyst, making things happen and evoking positive change through coaching, training and supervision.

What started as a personal growth and discovery opportunity to enhance my own (working) life has become a mission to help others grow, develop, and thrive in their life and career. I have been working as a Co-active Coach since 2008 and helping other coaches grow through supervision has been my next natural step. My supervision is very much in line with the Co-active approach where we will be co-actively involved in the supervision process.
I’ve completed my coaching supervision training with ICCS (International Centre for Coach Supervision, accredited with AC, EMCC and ICF) for my coaching supervision diploma.

I love working with new and experienced coaches from all over the world, from different cultures, and I somehow seem to attract them naturally as you can read in their testimonials.

Please get in touch if you are looking for a coaching supervisor for an initial chat.

How others describe me as a supervisor:

Isabel helped me embrace the sides of the job that scared me before
‘Her gentle yet very direct style empowered me to cut through the noise, the doubts, the anxiety. I am now embracing the sides of the job that scared me before, and I am able to keep moving forward in a direction that feels right for me. As a result, I can better serve my clients to do the same.’

Isabel invites introspection
‘I felt safe being vulnerable and was always viewed as being a whole person, complete and honoured for who I am.  She is obviously a leader and has a great ability to connect and be in service of her clients.’

Isabel guided me with curiosity, empathy and no judgment
‘She navigated me skilfully through the stormy ocean of my thoughts and feelings and helped me reaffirm my self-image as a professional coach. As a result, I am braver, more confident and creative as a coach.’

Isabel has a really gentle way of working
‘This approach helped enormously with my ability to find more clarity and understanding. I felt really listened to and always came away with a deeper sense of purpose.’

Read the full testimonials here.

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