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How do I know if I am coaching well? 
How do I develop my coaching practice to the next level?
How can I make my coaching business more financially sustainable?

I feel stuck with a particular client; how do I move them forward?
What should I be including in my contracting with clients?
How do I take my coaching to another level?
I sometimes doubt my abilities as a coach.

How do I know how effective my coaching skills are?
How can I create more impact in the world as a coach?

I’ve noticed that I feel exhausted after working with a particular client and wonder what is going on.
I’m working with a particularly challenging team at the moment and would like some support to help me feel more confident in working with them.
My coaching feels stale and I want to find a way of freshening it up.
How can coaching supervision help to build the credibility and expertise of internal coaches and enhance their quality, competence, and professionalism?

These are just a few questions and themes that come up in supervision.

Coaching supervision will  help you deliver top quality coaching, through your own continuous development as a coach and through developing and growing your coaching practice.

Are you looking for a coach supervisor?
Do you need a supervisor in your journey to accreditation?
Do you need a supervisor for your Continuing Professional Development to maintain your credentialed coach status?
Do coaches within your organisation need supervision?
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An example of what one of my supervisees has achieved through her supervision: 

I’m now braver, more confident and creative in my coaching

“My supervision sessions with Isabel were a safe place for me to explore my challenges as a coach. Isabel guided me with curiosity, warmth and empathy and no judgment of my choices. She navigated me skilfully through the stormy ocean of my thoughts and feelings and helped me reaffirm my self-image as a professional coach. As a result, I am braver, more confident and creative in handling the most difficult clients’ cases.”
Sofia, Bulgaria

Gergana Dzhenkova (Experienced Leadership and Team Coach, CPCC, ORSCC)


What is Coaching Supervision?
Coaching Supervision provides a formal, independent process of reflection and review which enables supervisees to increase individual self-awareness and coaching skills, to develop their coaching practice and to share and discuss (ethical) dilemmas.

If you’ve never had coaching supervision before, you likely have some reservations around cost or value. In my experience, those who have supervision wouldn’t be without it; the value to their own sanity and to the safety of their clients far outweighs the investment of time and money. I’d be happy to talk through your reservations before you commit. Get in touch to arrange a chat with me.

1-2-1 Coaching Supervision
Do you want to slow down and take time to reflect and learn? Maybe you don’t feel so comfortable working in groups and prefer the full attention of a 1-2-1 supervision? Find out more here

Group Supervision
Do you want to share your developmental journey with like-minded coaches?
Do you want to learn from others? Group supervision might be for you. More information can be found here.

Supervision within organisations
Coaching supervision helps to build the credibility and expertise of internal coaches and enhance their quality, competence, and professionalism. Find out more here.

Are you a CTI-coach and member of the “Simply Start Community“?
I’m running one-off group supervision sessions in September, November and December on this platform.

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